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Australian Lamb is an all-natural, high-quality, pasture-raised and free-range product that is free of artificial additives and hormone-growth promotants. Australian ranchers and processors use the world’s best-practices farm-and-food-safety systems to produce a high-yielding, well-trimmed, chilled vacuum-packed product perfect for gourmet retailers because it has a shelf life of up to 90 days from pack date (as long as cold chain temperatures are maintained). www.australian-meat.com/australian-lamb

Bush Brothers and Company is a third-generation, family-owned manufacturer of high-quality beans for the foodservice and retail food industries. Founded in 1908, Bush Brothers has grown into the leading national brand of baked beans and other bean products under the Bush’s Best® brand. Once known only in the Southeastern region of the country, Bush’s Best is now the number-one bean brand in the entire United States. www.bushbeansfoodservice.com

CJ Foods — Since 1953, CJ has been one of the most recognized and trustworthy companies in South Korea. The company established a presence in the U.S. in 1978 and is on a mission to introduce the delicious, nutritious Korean food culture to the rest of the world.

In 2005, Annie Chun’s, the leading producer of natural, gourmet Pan-Asian foods and sauces, forged a partnership with CJ Corp., Korea’s largest food producer, to further the goal of introducing new and exciting Asian foods to the American consumer.

The complete line of innovative, premium goods – such as sauces, rice, noodles, seaweed, potstickers and condiments – provides a variety of options such as vegetarian, organic and gluten-free to adapt to dietary restrictions or preferences. For more information, visit www.cjfusa.com and www.anniechun.com/about/foodservice

French’s® Foodservice — Open up a world of unlimited possibilities. As a chef, you are challenged with balancing authenticity, practicality and profitability in your restaurants. Our brands and products are known and preferred by your customers. They are made with the highest quality ingredients and consistently deliver on flavor and performance. From the back of house to the front of house — we help you beat customer expectations time and again.

French’s Foodservice is poised to be your go-to partner with our market-leading brands, on-trend sauces and unprecedented business-building support. www.frenchsfoodservice.com/products/index.php

Idaho Potato Council — Idaho grows more potatoes than any other state, and our consumer brand awareness is recognized in study after study as the highest in the industry. Stop by our table at the Tasting Fair to see our new Size Guide, Foodservice Tool Kit and Re-Invent-themed recipe cards. For tips on preparation, be sure to visit our 2011 award-winning "best site" www.idahopotato.com or check out the Dr. Potato blog. Known for russets, Idaho wants to be your "one-stop shop" for other varieties too, including fingerlings, red and yellow flesh varieties.

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Avocados from Mexico: The world’s first avocado was grown in Mexico. Thanks to the region's fertile volcanic soil, ideal climate and centuries of expert cultivation, Mexico remains the source of the world's finest avocados. Today, Mexico is the only place in the world where avocado trees naturally bloom four times a year. Mexico produces a year-round bounty of irresistibly rich and creamy avocados whose unsurpassed quality and distinctly delicious flavor are always in season. www.avocadosfrommexico.com

Bunge is a leading manufacturer of edible oils that are used by everyone from food manufacturers with internationally recognized brands to your favorite corner restaurant. With a focused customer approach encompassing leading customer service, high quality and innovative products, and a competitive cost position, Bunge’s product offerings have expanded to include margarine and medium-grain rice in addition to the latest edible oils, shortenings, butter alternatives and cooking sprays. Our research and development team constantly strives to stay ahead of trends, looking for ways to give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace, such as offering trans-fat-free alternatives and highly stable frying oil options. Trust the Oil Experts. Trust Bunge. www.transfatsolutions.com

Farmland Foods, Inc. has delivered consistent, quality pork to the foodservice industry for 50 years and counting. Our commitment to operators and consumers is the same today as it was in 1959 – to bring the goodness of the land and second-to-none quality to every plate, every time. From bacon to sausage and from hams to ribs, chops, roasts and more, Farmland offers a depth of products that is beyond compare.


From dressings and sauces to breads and pasta, Marzetti Brands makes memorable meals! Marzetti offers coast-to-coast production and distribution of portion-control and bulk-pack food products, including Marzetti® and Cardini’s® brand salad dressings, dips and sauces; Marzetti® brand croutons; New York® brand hearth-baked breadsticks and garlic toast; Sister Schubert’s® yeast rolls; Marzetti Frozen Pasta® brand frozen, fully-cooked egg noodles and pasta; and Romanoff® caviar. Visit www.marzettifoodservice.com

The National Pork Board Foodservice Program works with commercial and noncommercial foodservice segments as well as the distributor community. The Pork Board promotes the use of pork in foodservice through advertising, public relations, direct contact, event marketing, specialized programming, menu ideations, educational events and trade shows. These efforts are targeted toward foodservice chains, independent operators, contract management feeders, distributor sales representatives, culinary professionals, and packers and processors. www.porkfoodservice.org

Truitt Bros. is a family-owned-and-operated business located in America’s premier growing region, the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We are focused on producing the highest-quality, shelf-stable foods using sustainable environmental practices. People do business with us because we’re honest, friendly and innovative and because we’re committed to producing quality, convenient products. Our Pacific Northwest location allows us to start with the freshest ingredients possible to yield products that are natural and delicious. www.truittbros.com/foodservice.html

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) is a non-profit organization funded entirely by Wisconsin’s dairy farm families. Our goal is to increase the sale and consumption of Wisconsin milk and dairy products. WMMB is farmer-owned and farmer-directed. The 25 dairy farmer board members are elected by their peers for three-year terms. WMMB’s farmer-directors have direct involvement in planning and monitoring the organization’s marketing and promotional programs, which are conducted by a staff of marketing, research and communications professionals. www.trade.eatwisconsincheese.com

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PolyScience is inventing culinary technology to help chefs find new ways of expressing their creativity. While PolyScience is a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, its core competence is in designing and manufacturing precise temperature-control solutions. PolyScience was first to support creative chefs exploring the sous vide technique. Today, the world’s best chefs rely on PolyScience thermal circulators as the leading manufacturer in sous vide technology. www.cuisinetechnology.com

Chef Revival, Designed By Chef for Chefs, is the leading international developer and supplier of chef and foodservice apparel. Driven by a strong demand for quality and innovation, Chef Revival is constantly improving its abilities to be responsive to both distributor and end-user demands. Chef Revival is headquartered in Elkhorn, Wisconsin with divisions in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. For more information, please call 1-800-248-9826 or visit www.sjcr.com.

WASARA is sustainable, single-use tableware clearly designed to accentuate food and drink. Offering the best in Japanese design, these products fit comfortably in the hand, with an elegant texture and sturdy quality that are unparalleled in the category. Sheer beauty and style is only half the story, though: WASARA is also a fully “green” product. Made from tree-free renewable materials (sugar cane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp) and fully compostable, WASARA is as good to the earth as it is to your culinary creations. WASARA is imported by Branch. For more information, visit www.branchhome.com/wasara.