What better way to connect with some of the nation’s most trendsetting chefs in high-volume restaurants from fine dining to casual to quick serve, colleges, B&I, healthcare and hotel, resort and casino chains than to spend three days with them at PlateCooks. And the only way to get to PlateCooks is through becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship can include everything from having your products served during riveting trends and tasting presentations and culinary demos or featured during interactive hands-on market basket sessions to owning a table at the exciting product sampling and networking Tasting Fair. Whichever suits your needs and your budget, you cannot afford to miss being part of this cooking, networking and tasting event when some of the most innovative chefs in America converge on Chicago.

For more information about selecting a sponsorship that is custom tailored to your needs contact Steve Mayer smayer@plateonline.com or Jerry White gwhite@plateonline.com.  But please call today; because certain sponsorships are guaranteed exclusivity, a sponsorship in your category may not be available tomorrow.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits:

  Sponsorship Levels
Gold Silver Bronze

"Intermezzo" Presentations: Gold sponsors get up to 15 minutes on the agenda to address the assembled chefs, provide a tasting of their product, demo a recipe, etc.

Recipe Contests: Gold sponsors may also sponsor a recipe contest/challenge for best/most creative use of their product in the kitchen.  Sponsor is responsible for providing recipe contest prizes. x    
Year-Round Exposure: Gold sponsors share in a run-of-site banner ad for PlateCooks that runs throughout the year on PlateOnline, delivering an estimated 400,000 web ad impressions. x    
Video Highlights: Gold sponsors will be interviewed and their chefs videotaped for a special video highlights film to run on the home page of PlateOnline.Customized video upgrades are available. x    
Category Exclusivity: For gold sponsors, there will be no other competitive products or brands allowed in their product categories, i.e. no competitive "intermezzos" or competitive products in the "market basket." x    

"Market Basket" Challenges: Gold and silver sponsors can provide products to be included in multiple market basket cooking exercises where chefs actually cook with your products in the kitchen.

x x  
Chef Participation: Gold and silver sponsors will want to have their own corporate chefs join a team in the kitchen or circulation among the teams, answering questions, offering suggestions, etc. x x  
Photos: Gold and silver sponsors will receive copies of photos of all the dishes developed during the program that utilize their products. All photos will also be posted on PlateOnline within 30-60 days of the event. Gold and silver sponsors may also post these photos on their own websites. x x  
BRONZE SPONSORS Meal Functions: All sponsors get to provide a recipe to be served at an appropriate meal function during the course of the event. Menu cards and/or tabletop signage will identify these sponsored dishes. x x x
Tasting Fair: During the opening night reception for all attendees, sponsors may set up a tasting station at the specially-organized "Tasting Fair" to sample their products, hand out product literature, etc. x x x
Sponsor Representatives: Sponsors are entitled to the indicated number of attendees, including their corporate chefs, agency representatives, local brokers or sales representatives, etc. 3 2 1
ALL SPONSORS VIP Invitations: Sponsors may invite their own top customers and/or prospects to attend the event. The number of allowed customers/prospects for at each sponsorship level is shown. Plate will provide printed and digital invitations, or you can provide names to be added to the general invitation list. 3 2 1
Product Placement: Where appropriate, Plate will work with the host culinary school and presenting chefs to provide opportunties for placement of your products during chef demonstrations, etc. x x x
Attendee List: Within 10 days of the event, all sponsors will receive the complete list of PlateCooks attendees, including names/titles, mailing addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. x x x

Gift Bags: Sponsors may provide branded promotional items, larger literature items, etc. to be handed out to attendees in attractive take-home gift bags.

x x x
Advance Publicity/Brand Exposure: Sponsor logos will be included in all advertising and promotion of the event, on prominent signage at the event, and announcements throughout the event by the publisher and associate publisher of Plate. Ads in Plate will provide at least 175,000 impressions. x x x
Proud Sponsor of PlateCooks: Sponsors may include the PlateCooks logo and words "Proud Sponsor of PlateCooks" in their own advertising and promotion. x x x
Culinary School Connections: Plate is pleased to arrange introductions to the administration, faculty and/or students of the host culinary school. x x x

Gold sponsors:
australian lambbush'sidaho potatobush'sidaho potato

Silver and Bronze sponsors:

Contributing sponsors:
Chef RevivalPolyScienceChef Revival